Sunday, April 21, 2013

Out for the count

It's been over a month since my last escapades with my favorite sissy, as a serious injury can kill the fun of pleasure and punishment. *sigh*
I so want to put my energy and anger to good use, to enjoy the new uniforms that have arrived via mail for Nikki. One a french maids and the other a purple cheer set, neither of which I have seen as of yet.
My patience is waning and my boredom growing.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nikki gets a cookie/Razors

Being a good "Mistress" this past week I have been taking it easy on my sissy, being that her back is injured from taking all her uniforms quite some way in a duffel bag to thoroughly wash them. She is no good to me injured, so the best thing to do I felt was help nurse Nikki back to health.....and take it easy on her re:her pantie assignment. So no updates re:that for now, but.....

I was impressed that she went out of her way to impress me though, and exspieriment with being a better sissy without my guidance. While I was at work, on one of Nikki's days off, she purchased and used an electric razor. Except for a few missed spot there is little hair from waist down (just stubble), which turned out to be a huge turn on and made her more sissy-like and feminine. Maintance and a closer shave will be needed as well as doing her chest, but Nikki proved to me she is invested in the "Becoming a Better Sissy Process". So I'm impressed with her effort, despite injury, and will continue to make harder demands of her.

Nikki gets a cookie this week!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pantie Challenge...failed

I have spent far more time doing office work these past few weeks than with my sissy, to my great dismay, but it does give me time to wander the internet for "research purposes":
-Good for building stamina and make one a better Dom (or Sub for that matter)

There was also an interesting "trending" article in the Metro, that said that due to the increase of "bondage-sex" in Toronto, that horse-back riding stores are selling out of their riding crops.

We have started this interesting trend of continuing Nikki's training via Skype and a camera though. I went shopping last week to get her more panties (as per request) as she was very much excited by our shopping trip last weekend.

Nikki's challenge of the week was to wear panties every day and send me a photo....she kinda of half failed.
1)Wearing panties to work is a lot riskier than we initially assessed
-we renegotiated, and now she just has to wear them at home
-and, when she stayed over the other night, she had to wear only the laciest pair to bed and for the walk home (which turned out to be less of a punishment and more of a major turn on, but what can you do). She was thoroughly humiliated and uncomfortable (yet turned on at the same time), to be in panties without her cheer uniforms.

2) She is forgetful about wearing panties or photographing
-Threaten 3hrs of her wearing the butt-plug. She was initially intimated by this as, when I made her do an hour in my presence earlier in the week, it was very uncomfortable for her. 
-unfortunately I never got the chance to follow through, despite her failings, and Nikki became less intimidated by this punishment as the week went on. I will keep this in my back pocket for another time though.

I did get some very hot photo's though throughout the week, which was satisfying for me. I have now officially been deemed, in her words, "her mistress".
We both still have no idea what we're really doing (re:training and where this is all going in terms of turning her into a true sissy) but we're obviously both having fun thus far.

I need to come up with better punishments for her, and follow through with them better, as well as more fun things to do as part of her training.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

All sissy's enjoy shopping

As Nikki and I were planning on going shopping today I stayed over at her place last night, and what a busy night it was. We went a lot farther than I thought we would for sometime and got over a few hang-up/worries we both had, and man did Nikki get into it.

 I forced her to wear a bra for the first time, a nice red lace one from Victoria Secret. It didn't look as silly on her as I'd initially thought it would, and it was a super turn on. We also, based on another blog I'd read, experimented with butt plugs. This I had thought would be a good punishment for her as she'd never used on and was wary, but it turned out to be a HUGE turn on for her. She was too tight for me to put it in, so she did by sitting on it...and then her personality totally changed. She was always a very horny sissy, but it was if some sex demon took over her body as I made her been over as I gave her a whipping. She was just ravenous, oozing with sexual-tension and need to be fucked, so I did ride her Cheer-clit. Nikki was more passionate than I had even seen her, so guess the plug was a success (despite not being the punishment I thought it would be).

After a few hours of sleep we went shopping today at La Senza, it took three cigarette breaks once we got to the mall for her to walk into the store with me. I had wanted her to riffle through the selection of sale items and pick her own out, but once we were there I took over unplanned.We both has butterflies in our stomachs and some nervous energy, but managed to pick out 10 pairs (G-strings and thong styles of various patterns)....and even went beyond my initial plan and bought two bras. Since we couldn't try them on there we had to guess, but I only have to return one this week as it wasn't the right size. The girls helping us were very helpful and didn't bat an eyelash at our questions, even if it was pretty clear they new the stuff was not for me but Nikki. They even gave us a membership card for buying so many things, so guess Nikki's next shopping trip will be discounted.

Once home Nikki and I played fashion show by trying on our purchases. She is so hot in her new leopard print push-up bra!!!! I was very pleased by her courage and thrill-seeking (the bras were her idea) so I did something to make her happy as we fooled around before I headed home.

I had wanted to put up some picture from our fashion show, but Nikki is still to shy. Those will have to wait till a later date then. She was such a good sissy this weekend, so I will respect that (for now).

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A first crack

Despite having an ongoing bad headach and not feeling myself, I didn't want to let me sissy cheerleader down last week. She's had a shitty weekend previously and I am not one to say no when she's in need so some discipline on her days off work. So I packed up the last of my "Queen Street shopping spree" items and headed over late one night. Some liquid courage was needed in the form of scotch on my part, but seeing Nikki in her red Glee outfit always makes me smile.

The bondage tape: 
 As much as I enjoy our ballerina pink leather cuffs I wanted to try something new and more "savage" (for lack of a better word right now) so got some PVC tape in black. Pink was also available but being into hockey player and touch guys (as much as sissy cheerleaders apparently) the black reminded me of hockey tape, and thus was a must. The stuff only sticks to itself so is reusable. Nikki let me tie her wrists and ankles together, thinking I think that she could easily escape....but surprise, the stuffs tougher than she thought so she really was bound with her hands behind her back. I used a newly sharpened hunting knife to cut the stuff, making it feel even more rough-and-tumble to me. She gets very nervous when I touch her knives, so did it to make a point.

The whip:
Not the most creative purchase but as a Dom herself in training something I could handle. I use to teach riding so I wanted more of a crop but came away with a black whip. Nothing to snazzy, but you should have seen the look on Nikki's face when she saw it. I would have expected she would be excited, and maybe she was, but that was not the look in her eyes. Pure terror was what I saw as her eyes sort of bugged out. She was even speechless for a moment, which is very rare for my sissy. It was kind of amusing and that fact I could actually surprise her for a change made me giggle. Awesome!! Must spring more random items on her more often.
As for the whipping itself it was a little less thrilling than I had pictured in my head, but fun. Firstly I taped her ankles and wrists together, then had her flip over so I could give her a spanking for not listening to my instructions (I can't remember what it was, but she was misbehaving and the nagging headache was pissing me off). I started gentle but after some mouthing-off and minor-begging on Nikki's part (to get me work up by getting on my nerves) I got into it and hit her harder. Still worried about hurting her but I know I will get over that in time and with more practice.

It was lots of fun testing out our new toys this week!!

Nikki obviously had fun during her training that night as she woke me later that eve with her groaning over how much she loves silk panties and being a sissy. And though she was enjoying herself without my direct permission I was okay with this, and even enjoyed it in my half awake state. She'd changed out of her cheer gear and into  regular cloths, but had kept that red silk panties on which was enjoyable because I think keeping a happy cheerleader is key.
I did dish out some order the next day punishment for waking me in the night and leaving me irritable and horny to try and go back to sleep, she must now wear panties every day (including to work). We're going shopping at La Senza tomorrow, Le Vie en Rose is too prissy and not slutty enough for my sissy. She's excited and doing her research into sales thing you know she'll want me to take her to Victoria Secret.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Panties vs Boxer

Note to self: Maybe Nikki needs a new wig at some point?? My own haircut, short in back/mid-length in front, has inspired me to think of new looks for my Sub. The current wig is a Farrah Fawcett inspired one, but maybe something spunky-er next time so. Pigtails or shredded bob anyone??  Though brunette could work, sticking to blond is best as it match her eyes and complexion better.

Panties vs Boxer-briefs: From a Doms POV
Though I enjoy any man walking around in boxers and a shirt, these images do not fit with the image a "sissy cheerleader" at all. 
  • There is too much fabric for starters, which covers up too much and gives a Dom few opportunities to humiliate and punish
  • "over the top band" is the only way of access
  • Nikki just seems somewhat uncomfortable and not herself in them, and a happy Sissy Cheerbitch is a more trainable Sissy Cheerbitch

These are Nikki's favs, wearing La Senza style silk panties. "Butt floss" G-strings in particular, as she puts it.
  • Silky smooth, these feel awesome to the touch.  As a Dom who is very sensory-oriented it brings me pleasure to rub my fingers over these
  • For Nikki these bring more smooth and sensitive stimulation
  • They are sexier looking and more erotic all around
  • So many ways to tease Nikki and they provide easier access
  • A bare ass is a spankable ass
  • As panties are "women's wear" making Nikki sometimes wear them all day, including out where her secret could be discovered by co-workers, is partially humiliating and partially thrilling
  •  and most importantly....
    a happy Sissy Cheerbitch is a more trainable Sissy Cheerbitch 

    How ironic is it that this Dom prefers boy-style cut unders while her sub prefers silk panties, as the wearing the later makes me cringe (especially the G-string or thong styles)....shutter!!! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

BJ Blast

Thought I would try something new last night on Nikki, something from my Queen St shopping trip. It was juvenile I know, but I had always wondered if giving a blowjob with a mouth full of pop rocks was as great as I'd heard. The store even sold a "special" brand of pop rocks just for this purpose, so what the heck....something else to use to torture and pleasure my Sub.

For the record, though the cherry flavouring was nice, it's total gimmick!

The feed back I got was the BJ Blast was misleading, stating that it was for the Sub/guys pleasure, because Nikki didn't really get anything out of it. The powder tasted good and gave an interesting sensation to my mouth (yum, cherry and tingly), but nothing great. We agreed that REAL poprocks may actually have been better, being that they would be stronger. And the sugar-content made an even sticker mess.

So Dom experiment kinda failed....I say kind of because it was a very interesting night in other ways, all of which this Dom got a kick out of. Nikki was throughly put in her place and a good little Sub. She is becoming a better trained pink cheer-outfit wearing Sub with every use of handcuffs and collar.